Why use an agency specialising in international search?

Published on : 23 April 20204 min reading time

A well referenced website allows you to have a better visibility of your company on the net. A multilingual SEO agency is what it takes to optimize its SEO in international search. So why use an SEO agency in Paris? Globally, it is above all to benefit from the advantages of being well positioned in search engine results. It also allows you to optimize your natural SEO in Paris.

The advantages of a multilingual site

Currently the French market is rather small and is rather saturated. Whether it is a blog, a showcase site or a sales site, it is recommended to open up to the international market to increase your turnover. To do this, you can call on an SEO agency in Paris. It is important to understand that more and more Internet users are making their purchases abroad. They are always looking for the best products or services at the best price by comparing those from different countries. Thanks to a multilingual site, we have a much larger market and therefore the opportunity to get even more new customers. As a result, there is a good chance that you will have a better position vis-à-vis your competitors on the web. Nevertheless, one should always think about improving the SEO of one’s website. This is why you should use an international SEO agency.

An agency in international search for a good management of your website

The main purpose of any search engine is to offer proposals of results, which best suit the readers’ queries. So, Internet users will find what they are looking for according to the keywords they have typed in the search bar. The results will then be displayed in order of relevance. However, it is quite common to have sites ranking in the top Google rankings without quality content. To avoid this, it is better to entrust the SEO of your site to an SEO agency. This way, you don’t take the risk of having an over-optimized website. Because if search engines detect this kind of practice, the site can be removed and placed in a blacklist. It is even worse when it comes to international SEO, so it is always better to be careful what you do. On the other hand, the more you have a well referenced multilingual site, the more sales you can make and thus increase your turnover.

International SEO, a specific optimization technique

A seo agency knows very well the practices and techniques to adopt for the optimization of a website in international search. This does not mean literally translating the site into the languages of the target countries. Of course, there are some necessary translations and adaptations to be made. In addition, an international SEO strategy has to be realized. An SEO agency will know perfectly well what needs to be done for this. It will implement a strategy around the URLs of the site that will contain the keywords by language. Also, it is necessary to change the domain name and implement the hreflang attribute to indicate that the site is available in various languages. We must also adapt the site to foreign search engines such as Baidu, Yandex, etc.. Otherwise, they use the distance between the site and Internet users as a SEO factor via a local server. Finally, opening up to the international market offers the opportunity to acquire new markets. But it remains essential to implement a good international search strategy to achieve its objectives.

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