Why use an E-reputation management company?

Published on : 23 April 20203 min reading time

E-reputation is the reputation we have on the Internet. It can concern everyone, from a simple Internet user present on social networks to a company that has to manage its public image. Don’t let the Internet decide your image, take the lead.

An E-reputation is built and deconstructed

Nothing can be taken for granted on the Internet. Information, true or false, circulates on the vast terrain of the Internet as quickly as it is created. Sometimes it takes no more than an hour for a company’s reputation to be tarnished by a rumour. With the possible sharing of information, done by Internet users on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the majority of people are aware of the unfortunate news in no time at all. On the other hand, building a controlled identity takes time and investment. It is important to be present in the right places so that the target audience feels sufficiently concerned and talks about it around them. If E-reputation does not do everything, it can greatly contribute to improving a brand’s image. However, it is a long-term process that should not be neglected. Why not entrust this task to experts? Trusting an E-reputation agency such as net-wash.fr means making sure that your image on the Internet is under control.

Managing a company’s e-reputation

Every company has now understood that a lot is at stake on the Internet. It is essential for it to be present and proactive, to enhance its brand with its customers and prospects. The consumer has a great deal of power thanks to the Internet; he can partly participate in the brand’s image through his sharing on social networks, by giving his opinion directly on a site… So that a company does not get caught in its own nets and remains in control of its digital image in all circumstances, it can collaborate with experts. The latter are responsible for managing its e-reputation. How can they do this? By working on all fronts. It’s as much about preventing a possible crisis as it is about intervening as quickly as possible in the event of a problem. This can range from the production of quality content, referencing work, to the suppression of insulting and degrading publications on consumer sites. A simple audit on the situation of the company’s reputation on the Internet can sometimes help to understand what already needs to be improved.

The management of a person’s E-reputation

An Internet user can also be a victim of a bad reputation on the Internet. The consequences can be dramatic for the protection of his privacy and that of his entourage. Many users do not think enough about being careful. They expose themselves too much, and sometimes it goes too far if a malicious person gets hold of this data. Thus, they can be harassed online, insulted, become victims of rumours… The invasion of privacy can quickly contaminate the professional sphere if nothing is done. In this case, an e-reputation agency intervenes to remove any trace on the net that is likely to harm the person’s image. A thorough cleaning is carried out, with additional legal assistance if necessary.

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