Cash register software: how to choose it?

A web-till software must have several functionalities so that the management and the cashing within the establishment take place correctly. It then becomes judicious to choose a connected cash register accessible from a computer, a tablet or a telephone. This criterion offers the possibility to manage operations remotely.

Knowing everything you can do with your software

The cash register must be able to meet each of your requirements. In the basic functions, you will find transactions that are related to the business activity of the company. The cash register software therefore integrates programs to manage payments and invoices. It also provides the data necessary for improving turnover. Information on best-selling products, stock, orders in progress, among other things, is therefore available at all times. The connected cash register also allows remote access via telephones, tablets or computers to any movement within the enclosure. This option is much more interesting because it makes the management of many premises possible. It is also a practical solution to keep control of management while on the move. The cash register software can be set up and customized. In other words, it is preferable to choose a version that allows regular updates. This is necessary in order to be able to carry out particular tasks and to have a world adapted to one's taste for one's connected cash register.

Find out about the version of the connected cash register

First of all, it is imperative to check if the software is certified and is secure. The finance law established in 2018 to fight against any fraud punishes users of non-certified versions with fines. Thus, the web-caisse software must follow the NF 525 standard in order to allow tax audits to be carried out. Then, making a test with the program gives the possibility to evaluate all its functionalities to have an opinion on the product. Above all, do not hesitate to ask the publisher to give training courses because the people who will be handling the connected cash register will not necessarily be experts on the subject. This information is also necessary to discover all the options of the software and to use it properly. This is where a high-performance version is needed to be able to work quickly and correctly. And finally, it is especially important to use software that is compatible with your business. There are several types of POS and management software: for shops, trade fairs, bars, businesses, etc. Each version has its own characteristics, so it is important to find out which one best suits the company's needs.

Find out about the publisher

For more efficiency in the use of the connected cash register, it is essential to rely on a publisher who works with experts. They will be able to give you satisfactory answers to problems or to enlighten you on technical points about the cash register software. It is therefore advisable to choose an editor who can be contacted at any time: by e-mail, by telephone, ... It is also better to trust publishers with a proven track record, i.e. publishers with many years of experience. They are capable of advising their customers and offering them products adapted to their situation, particularly with regard to the choice of a connected cash register.  These types of publishers have built up customer loyalty over the years and it is easy to find out about their services by consulting the opinions of other consumers. This allows you to have the necessary information before choosing your web checkout software.

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