Professional email address: how to create one for free?

E-mail is an essential tool for all companies wishing to boost their business and improve their means of communication. To get a professional email address, you don't necessarily need to spend money. Know that several free options are available to you, especially if you have just launched your project.

Create a free professional email address to increase your credibility

Some start-ups want to create a professional email address but end up choosing a Yahoo or Gmail type email address. While the free factor may be attractive at first glance, it soon comes up against its own limitations. Thus, if you want to develop the activity, the image and the structure of your company, you must at one time or another consider the creation of an email address that reassures your prospects. In fact, if the target customer receives an email from an unreliable and unprofessional address, there is a good chance that the message will end up in the trash. With the avalanche of e-mails that each one of us may receive in the course of a day, only those with a professional look and feel can be read. Knowing that every ignored email is a missed opportunity to reach a new customer, companies stand to gain from creating a good-looking contact email address. Add to this the possibility of getting one free of charge, and you have no excuse to choose or keep a suspicious email address.

Create a free business email address to suit your needs

The creation of free and professional email addresses is now possible thanks to a cloud solution that has become very widespread in the field of companies that have just launched their activity. This approach consists in placing the data relating to the company directly with the host and not in the information system relating to your establishment. If you are just starting out, this solution will meet your needs insofar as it saves you the expense of having an IT infrastructure specific to your company. In addition, you will have the opportunity to save the expenses normally reserved for maintenance tasks. To know more about it: To better protect your professional data, ask your hosting provider to sign a confidentiality charter.

Take into account the technical rules to be respected

Even if you don't pay for your email address creation, you can undoubtedly guarantee a satisfactory quality of service. As long as you check a number of elements without which you risk compromising the confidentiality and performance of your email. First of all, think about anticipating how much storage space you will need. Before creating a free email, you should specify the number of emails and attachments in your email. However, it is not enough to provide the necessary space for your emails, it is also necessary to track their delivery. The email must be well transmitted and transfer errors must be easy to spot and rectify. What many of you probably don't know is that free email creation solutions give you access to statistical tools. In the entrepreneurial world, no matter the size of your business, it is always necessary to analyze the results of your strategies to assess their impact. Other functionalities also allow you to detect cybernetic attacks, such as antivirus software that can cause palpable problems on your computer system.

The value of a professional email address, even if it is free of charge

It is clear that at the beginning of your entrepreneurial activity, investment funds are limited. For this reason, the more you opt for solutions that minimize your expenses, the more room you leave to develop another aspect of your business. Usually, professional e-mail is not a priority, especially since there is the possibility to create a professional e-mail address for free. You should know that to give this professional aspect, it is better to avoid messaging like @ or @ Opt instead for a personalized address that already gives an idea of your field of activity. Let's say you're a teacher. In this case, it is better to create an address like "xxxxxx@". The moment your recipient receives a letter from you, they only need to look at the address to know who they are dealing with. In recent years, all companies and even freelancers have been surfing the mailing strategy trend. Every day, Internet users receive about ten or even, in some cases, a hundred messages. Unless you want these mails to be perceived as spam indicate your sector of activity on your address. Another scenario exists: to have a paid mailbox and to transfer your e-mails to your private mailbox. The latter then becomes a confidential business address for which you are not obliged to pay. You will then be able to group all the e-mails you process yourself.

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