Website creation: how to stand out from the competition?

With the countless websites being created daily, competition on the Internet is now unquestionable. There are now more than one billion web platforms, spread across a variety of sectors. So when you are about to create a website, whatever its nature, the question always arises as to what needs to be done to give it a head start over its competitors. The point is therefore on the right reflexes to adopt in order to stand out from other sites in an extremely competitive environment.

Focusing on a specific graphic design and eye-catching copywriting

In a business context, benefiting from a graphic strategy is not only about having visuals that improve the aesthetics of your site. Such a strategy allows to give a particular identity to its brand and its company. In this case, the visual is one of the most decisive aspects when it comes to standing out from the crowd. In addition, the vast majority of Internet users are particularly interested in the aesthetic aspect of web platforms. If a visitor is confronted with a banal site with a sloppy design, it is highly likely that he or she will immediately abandon the site because it has not been able to arouse his or her interest. Therefore, to create a quality website from an aesthetic point of view, one must dare to use bold colours, more striking typography and original photographs. Furthermore, it may be advisable to use the concept of "less is more" by moving towards a rather minimalist, but effective and authentic design. For example, one can be inspired by Scandinavian design, which is both simple and uncluttered. After seducing visitors with a particular graphic design, we must now reassure them by providing them with content rich in added value. As we know, sites with meticulously written content are the most visited.

Provide Internet users with light and airy pages

Many companies, focused on their content, tend to forget to air and let their pages breathe. If you want to stand out from your competitors' sites, don't fall into this trap. In order to ensure that your site does not give an impression of unprofessionalism to your visitors, it is important to distribute your images and text blocks in a balanced way. Moreover, small icons and pictograms should be used, so as to significantly lighten each page that makes up the site without neglecting its aesthetic side. N.B. Whatever your objective or the type of site you wish to create, you might as well play the outsourcing card by entrusting the creation of your website to a professional web designer, whether a freelancer or a web agency. In this way, you will have more chance to benefit from a site designed in such a way as to allow the company to stand out from the crowd.

Comply with the requirements of mobile users

We can certainly choose to be on the sidelines of the recommendations of search engines and social networks, but we can by no means afford to neglect the expectations of Internet users, especially since they use their mobile more and more, whether it is to find out about a product/service or to shop online. Thus, to meet the expectations of mobile users, it seems more judicious to create a "responsive" site, i.e. a platform designed and developed to be adaptable to all screen resolutions. This type of site can therefore be consulted from any screen, in this case that of smartphones, mobile phones and tablets. In short, the flexibility of a website is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Putting aside mobile users means neglecting the vast majority of Internet users. To benefit from a responsive website, the best thing to do is to call upon an experienced website designer.

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