Renting and creating a 3D hologram

Holograms are nowadays tools to make your promotional event unique. Indeed, this digital display will allow your guests to fully appreciate the holographic animations that you will show them from different angles. You can rent one or create one for your company? But which is the best choice?

Why should you use a 3D hologram for your events?

Using a hologram is a means that allows, in the short or long term, to increase your turnover, to increase your attendance, to make sure that your message is well visible and attracts the attention of your target audience by using a quality holographic projection either in images or videos. It also allows you to increase your conversion rate. Not to mention that this solution is environmentally friendly, it reduces your power consumption as well as your paper consumption for printing flyers and other materials. A 3D holography is an excellent support for visual communication in Outdoor Advertising. It will help you to better guide the choice of consumers in the face of the multitudes of advertisements they are confronted with daily, you must shape in the most ingenious and creative way possible. And this is where 3D holographic animations come into play. To set yourself apart from your competitors, you can use 3D holographic animations. Indeed, with this innovative support, you can easily succeed in launching a new product, for example, while reaping the benefits of this latest technological device on your business. By using this medium, you can develop a highly effective advertising campaign. In this sense, you can use it to act as an original launch of a new product to be popularized on the market. But you can also use it on a sandwich man 2.0, as decoration, or simply to highlight your brand or your company. Always with this in mind, why not focus the organization of an original commercial action by adopting the innovative concept of 3D holograms. You should know that there are several kinds of holograms, the main ones being the pyramid-shaped hologram, the high definition hologram and the hologram that allows a projection on a single surface for an innovative reading. If you would like to know more about this subject, visit

Rent a 3D hologram

If you want to rent a 3D hologram, you should start by looking for a provider who can provide you with this kind of service. Once this essential task has been completed, the professional in question will give you all the details about the rental formulas he can offer you. Make a habit of consulting them carefully to find the one that suits you best. In addition, you can choose a tailor-made hologram rental solution that is becoming more and more accessible. Once you have found the rental formula that you think best suits your needs and budget, you can then use the chosen material as you wish, during your advertising or marketing campaigns. In addition, you can choose between several rental formulas by the day, week or month. You can also take advantage of the special offers offered by certain service providers, including your logo, which is animated and rotated 360°. You should also make sure that the holographic projectors entrusted to you are easy to handle. In this sense, to be able to use the equipment you have rented, you must first connect the projector and then start it up using the application. Your animation will be projected in no time at all in the space you have chosen. The package should also include a tripod and a charger.

Create a 3D holographic visual

On the other hand, if you opt instead for a holographic creation, you will get a personalized visual that you can use for all your events and as you wish. The 3D hologram thus created can be compatible with 3D animations or static projections. This solution is the most recommended for products, a company logo, or for a commercial solution.

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